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Mukono District is located in the central and is bordered by Jinja District, Mayuge District to the east, the Republic of Tanzania to the south, Kalangala District to the southwest, Wakiso District to the west, Luwero District to the northwest and Kayunga District to the north. Mukono District covers an area of 11,764 square kilometres (4,542 sq mi).

Where to go & what to see in Mukono district?

Mabira Forest is located in the tropics north of the shoreline of Lake Victoria, immediately to the west of the River Nile. Mabira covers an area of 306 square kilometres (118 sq mi). It is the biggest forest reserve in central Uganda and its one of the few surviving rain forests remaining in Uganda. Different activities can be taken here in the forest like the guided forest walks, camping sites, picnic sites and environmental education and entertainment with local drama groups.

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh-water lake in the world. The lake is a lasting source of pleasure. Different activities can be done on this lake like Sport Fishing, Rafting, Canoeing, Cruising, and Sailing.

Ssezibwa Falls: The River flows into Lake Kyoga. The nature of its birth makes the river a cultural symbol of great importance to Buganda's heritage. Ssezibwa Falls is also a cultural site of the Baganda and has cultural artifacts including caves, 100 year old trees and special rocks of deep cultural significance to the Baganda of Buganda in central Uganda. It is one of the official cultural cites of the Buganda Kingdom.

River Nile: The Nile has cultural importance as well as economic significance. Many communities along its shores derive their livelihood from fishing in its waters. The point, view from Njeru, offers beautiful scenery for tourists and holidaymakers.

Ngamba Island: This is located in Mukono district, in Lake Victoria, south-east of Entebbe town. The Island is a forest reserve developed as a chimpanzee sanctuary.